Our goal is the unique identity of the business on the world wide web, the excellent aesthetic result and the commercial success of the client.

We Listen

The first stage is to listen to the client and dive into the core of the business. This way we get familiar with the client`s targets and we can move on to the next stage.

We Analyze

The second stage is to achieve an extensive market research, according to competitors, explore the size of the market and find the domestic and/or global interest of users for the specific business.

We Prototype

Our creative and marketing team starts baking. We design the architecture of the website which includes User Interface and design suggestions to the client. The result must fulfill the client`s expectations and be able to achieve the expected impact on the market.

We Develop

Now it is the time to get our hands dirty. The final prototype goes in development. Our programmers will work with our creative team for a pixel perfect outcome: functionality, user experience and design at the highest level.

After Sales

Next day. When the website is live, we will work with the client to create traffic and analyze users’ behaviors. This way, step by step, we will improve the KPIs of the business to the maximum.

That`s the main characteristic of CloudOn: We care.

Relative Services

Along with web design and web development, CloudOn the following provides services:

Website Content Editing

User Training

Traffic Statistics & Maintenance