Car On Platform

Fully Cloud Car Rental Software
Our car rental software platform provides its users the ability to be able to do their daily tasks from anywhere, and not just from the company offices.
Provide service to your customers in airports, ports, hotels or any other place, having only an internet connection and a laptop or tablet.
And if you do not have your laptop with you, just visit an internet cafe …

Zero infrastructure cost
Reduce time and eliminate the cost of managing your infrastructure. There is no need to buy and maintain your own server. This way you save money from purchasing and supporting it.
There is no need for a separate infrastructure in each of your branches, since all that is required is an internet connection.
No need to spend money on data backup services, disaster recovery solutions or server upgrades.

Your data is kept safe. There is no risk since our platform automatically backs it up at regural intervals.

Enable your car rental company to easily cooperate with affiliates, brokers and travel agencies.
Simplify your fleet management and optimize its utilization through a concise online reservation scheduler.

Our Data Center is Tier 4, providing high availability and bears all major certifications.

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